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Just configured aquamacs and it’s awesome! Simple and quick. Will put up my .emacs and other details soon on github here.

Stuff I am using are:

  1. ECB — emacs code browser
  2. emacs-for-python which includes all the goodies you need for python development!
  3. Solarized dark theme, whose emacs port is here.

My fav feature? It’s M-x artist-mode , see a screencast here

(HOW-TO: Use mouse middle button to get options, COMMAND+click on a mac. Exit using M-x artist-mode-off)

Click to see full image

If you are using Aquamacs, I recommend you not to use ~/.emacs but directly edit the file which it loads, its located here: ~/Library/Preferences/Aquamacs Emacs/Preferences.el

The ultimate emacs course — An awesome 2hr video lecture for emacs!