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Obfuscated code is bad for the eyes, but a good exercise for the brain! I just came across this obfuscated code via notetoself.blogspot.com class Main{public static void main(String...args){\u0066or(int \u0020$:"vÌÈÊ\"¤¾Àʲ¬Æ\"v¤Î¤\"²¤¨¸¬Æ".to\u0043h\u0061rArray() )System./*goto/*$/%\u0126//^\u002A\u002Fout.print((char)(($>> +(~'"'&'#'))+('<'>>('\\'/'.')/\u002Array.const(~1)\*\u002F)));}}

The code translates to: class Main { public static void main(String[] args) { for(int c : "vÌÈÊ\"¤¾Àʲ¬Æ\"v¤Î¤\"²¤¨¸¬Æ".toCharArray()) { System.out.print((char)(c / 2 + 15)); } } }

Test the code here: http://ideone.com/UwADS
Interesting huh..!?