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I have been using Ubuntu 9.10 for a while now and one major copy-paste problem in Ubuntu (GNOME DE) struck me!!

The problem is, if you copy some text from a file and you close that file (i.e. close the source), the copied text also disappears! Initially I ignored the problem, but after a while, I had it! It was really very annoying if you copied some important link and you close Firefox, the link was lost!

When I went out and searched for the problem then I found this, the actual bug report on the Ubuntu Bug Tracker. According to the Canonical guys, it is a system feature of the X-Windows System, as per its design, it does not have any persistent store mechanism and that sucks! (Here are the X-windows Clipboard manager specifications which is presently deployed on Ubuntu 9.10)

That means, the primary problem is with the X-Windows System and I hope this flaw is sorted out in Ubuntu’s next LTS release, The Lucid Lynx.

So the question is, how do you solve this problem for now?! I have the solution :)

The solution to this problem is to install Glipper, a clipboard manager for GNOME. You can simple install it from the terminal:

sudo apt-get install glipper

This will replace your current clipboard manager and it works perfectly!

So, that will solve your problem of the missing copy in Ubuntu GNOME! ;)