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He is just a kid who had some videos uploaded from the Super Mario Bros like The Super Luigi Super Show: Luigi’s Room, The Super Luigi Super Show: Luigi’s Computer etc.

lukeywes1234 is one of the hottest keywords on the internet these days. Another star of the Web 2.0 world!

He requested YouTube users to subscribe to his channel, he had an target of 50 subscribers till Feb, 2010.

And here comes the shocker!

He got 7500 subscribers in few hours and a total of 9000 subscribers when YouTube suspended his account. He was himself not aware that he will get such a response! No body know how the hell did he get 9000 subscribers! To give you an idea, CNN’s YouTube channel has 12,527 subscribers!!

People are angry and they need an explanation from YouTube, that why was lukeywes1234’s account suspended?! There are hundreds of videos coming up on YouTube in support of lukeywes1234, check it out for your self here

Infact, 4chan has even started a protest against YouTube, covered by TechCrunch.

lukeywes1234’s YouTube URL


He back with this ID — lukeywes123