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Amazing presentation by Prof. Hans Rosling at TED, Mysore, India using Trendalyzer, which displays statical data in an interesting manner using animation on graphs. He is analyzing the growth progression of India, US, UK, China and Japan from 1858 to 2014 (2009–2014prediction using IMF data) using Trendalyzer.

His graph compares per capita income, life expectancy and population of the respective countries. He predicts that India’s per capita income will be equal to the per capita income of US and UK on July 27th, 2048. Hmmmm, interesting, hope I am there to see that day. :)

Wondering how this interesting chart was rendered?

Rosling developed the breakthrough software behind his visualizations through his nonprofit Gapminder, founded with his son and daughter-in-law. The free software — which can be loaded with any data — was purchased by Google in March 2007. (Rosling met the Google founders at TED.) — Source

More information about Gapminder

Video courtesy Indiatimes’s TED channel , Video