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You can merge your GNOME desktop (Ubuntu 9.10) with [Google Calendar] (http://google.com/calendar)via iCalendar Format. This a very nifty hack for people who use Google Calendar and want your Linux to in sync with Google Calendar.

What is iCalendar?

XML or iCalendar — Use these formats to view a read-only version of your calendar from other applications. You can use this address to access your calendar from feed readers (like Google Reader) as well as products that support the iCalendar format (like Apple’s iCal). via Google Support> 1. Go to your Google Calendar and select the down arrow with calendar you want to sync with GNOME and select Calendar Setting> 2. Copy the link of the Green button, iCal next to Private Address.> 3. Now, open the linux Terminal and type the following:> /usr/lib/evolution-webcal/evolution-webcal URL_YOU_COPIED

That’s it! You will see an appointments option under the GNOME clock.

via Bryan Clark