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Google just released their latest pet, Google Chrome OS. This is not exactly what you think it is. :) The existing idea of an operating system is a software which is packed with load of goodies, games, system tools, a desktop, some kind of menu bar, task bar and blah blah blah!

But Google is trying to defy that concept of a traditional operating systems. They have a built this OS which primarily targets the Internet. Their OS is the Browser! If you are running Chrome OS, you need to do all your stuff on the Internet. It has a vague offline support. I do not see any option to install some software. I would say, its not just an OS, its a Cloud Based OS.

**Will it replace Windows? — NO WAY!!**> Its more of a companion device for Tablets and Netbook. This cannot get into the mainstream OS market at least for the next 4–5 yrs until the Cloud is a reality!

It will only depends on the the web applications developed by Google/3rd party websites. That mean, if you need to open a .doc file, open it in Google Doc. There is no concept of installing .exe files or any other application. You will be dependent on the services provided by Google and some other sites (which will be supported by Chrome OS).

The Features I like:

  1. 7 sec boot time.
  2. Its ultra secure since when you login, your ID is authenticated via Google account.

Things I don’t like:

  1. Web only thing (From where I see this now, its only for Internet usage, if you are wondering about Cloud Computing, the buzz word which every body is speaking, then for get it! It’ll take atleast 4–5 more years to host any kind of application on the internet and run it on Chrome OS.)
  2. I cannot install any software on this!

My question is:

  1. If I just need a browser, why can’t I just use Firefox or Chrome on my Windows/Linux machine, why install an OS which works as a browser?!

How to install Chrome OS on your VirtualBox 3.0

  1. Download [this] (http://torrents.thepiratebay.org/5170843/chromeos-image-999.999.32309.211410-a1.vmdk.bz2.5170843.TPB.torrent)torrent.
  2. This will contain a .tar.bz2 file. Unzip it using WinRAR or 7Zip (on windows), Linux supports it natively.
  3. You will get a file chromeos-image-999.999.32309.211410-a1.vmdk. Virtual Machine Disk Format on VMWare but VirtualBox also supports this format.
  4. Install Virtual Box. HowTo — Windows | Linux
  5. Now, in the VirtualBox, click New > Name your OS and select Operating System: Linux; Version: Ubuntu
  6. Set the RAM. (1GB is recommended)
  7. Now in Virtual Hard Disk, select Use Existing HardDisk and Browse.
  8. A new window will open, click Add and add the .vmdk file you just downloaded there. Click Select after adding it.
  9. The finish the whole thing and you are done!
  10. Start your Chrome OS using VirtualBox main window.

Note: This is a developer build We can expect more improved features in the official release some time next year.

I have also attached some screen shots!

If you are a developer, you can also build the source code on Ubuntu. Get more information here.




Source: Tech Source from Bohol

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