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Syncing iPod/iTouc/iPhone with Linux is a major headache!

UPDATE: Rhythmbox works out of of the box with iPod, checkhere

I tried many softwares; the so called iTunes alternatives, but none of them actually work!

The one guaranteed way to sync iPod with iTunes on Linux (Ubuntu 9.10, 32bit) is by using VirtualBox and tweaking your Linux box.

What I am using?

  1. Ubuntu 9.10, 32bit
  2. Virtual Box 3.0.10
  3. Windows Server 2003 (You can also use Windows XP SP2, I haven’t testing it, but it should work.)
  4. iTouch 2nd Gen with iTouch OS 3.1

This tutorial guides through the complete process, its simple and easy, but this tutorial is for old versions of VB and Ubuntu. You don’t need to follow the last few stages of the guide. SO, the revised stages are:

  • Install Virtualbox
  • Configure the USB support
  • You don’t need to recompile the kernel USB support as mentioned in the tutorial.
  • Connect iPod Touch to Windows XP VM

And you are done, if everything goes well, you will be able to see you iPod in your iTunes.


Linux and Your iPhone / iPod Touch using iFush and libiphone-utils libraries.